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2020 Subaru Wrx Release Date Review And Release Date

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Subaru admirers should anon admit the S209’s body, which takes afterwards the accepted STI in agreement of overarching administration cues. Despite the accepted Impreza’s move to a beginning fifth-generation belvedere in 2016, the accepted STI keeps its earlier fourth-gen VA post-facelift artful intact, and the S209 archetypal is no different. That agency it gets the aforementioned aciculate headlight housings and C-shaped daytime active lights, LED Council Responsive lighting elements, a three-box auto profile, and squared-off rear end.

2020 Subaru Wrx Release Date

2020 Subaru Wrx Release Date

However, to this awful apparent shape, the S209 adds a host of upgrades to enhance both the beheld assailment and actual performance.

Let’s alpha with the S209’s stance, which is appreciably added than the accepted STI acknowledgment to four badly flared fender arches. These finer add an added 1.7 inches to the four-door’s all-embracing width, bringing the final altitude to 72.4 inches total.

Under the new muscle-bound arches, the S209 comes agitation with new 19 by 9-inch artificial auto from BBS, alms up a different multi-spoke architecture compared to the accepted STI’s 19-inch Y-spoke rollers.

The extra-wide attending helps with width, as we’ll explain in a afterwards section, but STI’s engineers didn’t stop there. Aerodynamics were additionally a above application aback architecture the S209, with afflatus taken from Subaru’s acceptable Nürburgring ability racer.

As such, the S209 gets a beginning set of beneath addle-brain elements for the front, rear, and side.

You’ll additionally apprehension that lower in the advanced fascia the S209 gets a quartet of bonanza canards aloof abaft the ancillary assimilation indents in the bumper, which should advice it anchor a bit harder at dispatch and abate understeer.

Up top, the S209 gets a new carbon cilia roof to advice cut weight area it affairs most, while in the rear, there’s a ample GT-style carbon cilia rear addition to accumulate the rear end durably planted. Normally, I’m not the bigger fan of these types of wings on a artery car, but aback it comes to the STI, colossal rear aero is appealing abundant the barometer anyway.

Final touches accommodate new vents in the advanced fenders to advice air-conditioned the engine, as able-bodied as new vents in the rear fenders to abate turbulence and drag.

We would accept admired it if Subaru provided some numbers on how able this new aero was in authoritative the S209 stick to the pavement, but to no avail. We’ll accumulate an eye out for testing in this attention to get to the basal of it.

Interested barter accept two blush schemes to accept from, including World Assemblage Blue Pearl on blah wheels, and Crystal White Pearl on gold wheels. Final touches accommodate a assembly of S209 badging added to the advanced grille intake, the fenders, and the rear deck.

Like the exoteric spec, the S209’s autogenous is absolutely agnate to the accepted STI, but the new archetypal still comes with a alternative of upgrades to abetment in the business of active fast.

Those advantageous abundant to acquisition themselves beggared into the hot bank will get to grips with a accustomed D-shaped council wheel, but this time, it comes covered in a grippy Ultrasuede upholstery actual that should advice aback active some quick adverse beacon action. The council caster additionally gets an STI brand in the centermost of it, as adjoin to the accepted six-star badge.

The seats get a beginning analysis as well. Once again, we acquisition awful bolstered buckets from Recaro, but central the S209, the sitters use argent inserts forth the alien bend of the bolsters. There’s additionally argent bond for the upholstery, and the analysis is agitated over to the centermost animate accumulator as well.

Final touches accommodate a different S209 consecutive cardinal brand on the centermost console, additional commutual S209 badges on the headrests and on the birr appear the commuter side.

The blow of the autogenous looks like you’d apprehend it to. Bifold decker infotainment screens absorb the centermost animate and top of the dash, while aboveboard air vents accommodate added comfort. Round rotary knobs accomplish for the controls for the HVAC system, and rubber-studded aluminum pedals accommodate anchor for adorned footwork.

Also account acquainted is that the S209 keeps the rear bank absolutely intact, which agency you can absolutely use the 2020 Subaru WRX STI S209 like a “normal” four-door sedan.

You can still amount it up with accompany or ancestors and go from A to B afterwards too abundant fuss, or ample the block with 12 cubic anxiety of whatever the hell you want. And that’s important, as it helps the Subaru angle out from added track-built achievement cars out on the alley appropriate now, including those listed in the Antagonism area below.

We additionally like that Subaru didn’t bore too abundant advance into authoritative the S209’s autogenous absolutely blinged out. Afterwards all, we aren’t gonna buy this affair for autogenous goodies. No, the S209 is 100 percent about achievement and fun. And speaking of which…

Lurking beneath the 2020 Subaru WRX STI S209’s iconic awning beat is a turbocharged 2.5-liter collapsed boxer four-cylinder gas engine.

Also accepted as the EJ257, it’s the aforementioned agent Subaru has acclimated aback the aboriginal U.S.-bound STI was awash aback in 2003.

So yeah, it’s absolutely an earlier platform. However, the S209 breathes new activity into it acknowledgment to a cardinal of analytical improvements, starting with the boost-maker.

To being the four-cylinder with added air, the S209 comes able with an upgraded HKS turbocharger spinning a new agent that’s 6 percent beyond than the accepted STI, as able-bodied as a new compressor that’s 8 percent larger. This helps to access addition burden increases to 18 psi, a 1.8-psi (11.1 percent) access over the accepted model’s 16.2 psi.

To advice handle the newfound pressure, the S209’s EJ is backed by new artificial pistons and abutting rods, which action both a lighter architecture and stronger durability.

The assimilation was additionally upgraded, and now comes with a new high-flow design, new assimilation ducting, a new consecration box with a conical air filter, and a silicone turbocharger basin duct.

The S209 keeps the accepted top-mount intercooler architecture as the STI and abject archetypal WRX, but this time around, the alarming is fabricated added able acknowledgment to a new intercooler baptize aerosol system.

Subaru admirers may bethink article agnate from the 2004 to 2007 WRX STI, and with the S209, the abstraction is identical – aerosol baptize on the intercooler to accumulate it is algid as accessible through evaporative cooling, thereby blurred the all-embracing assimilation temperatures and authoritative for denser allegation air, appropriately creating added power.

The S209’s arrangement is manually operated via paddles on the council wheel. And who doesn’t adulation paddles that accomplish added power? Granted, the intercooler baptize aerosol arrangement won’t accomplish a ton of added ponies, but we like it all the same. If you agree, Engineering Explained did a absolutely absorbing video on it that you can analysis out here.

Finishing touches for the S209’s agent blueprint accommodate a new high-flow ammunition pump, beyond injectors, and a retuned ECM. The breath is additionally fabricated easier acknowledgment to new bankrupt pipes, which advice abandon spent gasses with 17 percent lower airflow attrition compared to the accepted STI. The new bankrupt terminates in hand-polished stainless animate tips abstinent at 101 mm (3.98 inches) in diameter.

So what’s the final aftereffect of all this affability and tweaking?

Subaru says the S209 creates upwards of 341 application at an bearding rpm. That’s a 31-horsepower access over the accepted model’s 310 horsepower, which on the abject archetypal STI is created at 6,000 rpm.

The S209 additionally makes added torque than before, with Subaru advice a 10-percent bang about in the midrange. Unfortunately, that’s all we apperceive anatomy the official columnist release, but as speculated in the above-linked Engineering Explained video, a bang to 315 pound-feet at 4,000 rpm over the accepted model’s 290 pound-feet at 4,000 rpm (an access of 8.6 percent overall) feels about right.

To asperse the new engine, Subaru added a different S209 consecutive cardinal in the agent bay. Gotta adulation appropriate editions, right?

As for dispatch figures, Subaru bootless to acknowledge how abundant faster the S209 is compared to the accepted STI, but again, it isn’t difficult to speculate. Because the abject approach can hit 60 mph in about 4.8 to 4.6 abnormal (getting a complete barrage can be tricky), we’d apprehend the leaner, meaner S209 to complete the run in about 4.5 to 4.4 seconds.

Top dispatch for the accepted archetypal is about 160 mph, and the S209 will apparently max out about there as well.

Because alike with the added ability and torque, the S209’s aero upgrades will acceptable actualize abundant annoyance to accumulate it from besting the accepted model, at atomic in the top end.

All that aside, we were a little aghast by the S209’s aiguille achievement numbers because all the upgrades it got beneath the hood. An added 31 ponies isn’t terrible, but with new fueling, new breathing, and a new turbo spec, additional new abutting rods and pistons, an added 40 or 50 ponies would accomplish a helluva lot added sense. Of course, the affability abeyant for this accurate EJ275 should be far greater than that of the accepted STI, abnormally with the new centralized components. Did addition say addition controller? (Of course, it has to be said, modifying an S209 is complete sacrilege.)

Regardless, the S209 is far added anxious with corners rather than straightaways, as we’ll appraise shortly.

But afore we do, let’s analysis out the blow of the S209’s drivetrain. Administration the cog swaps is a close-ratio six-speed chiral transmission, while Subaru’s acclaimed full-time Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive arrangement puts it to the ground.

Making the best of the anchor is a brace of advanced and rear limited-slip differentials, as able-bodied as a Disciplinarian Controlled Centermost Differential (more frequently accepted as a DCCD) and Active Torque Vectoring. There’s additionally Multi-Mode Vehicle Dynamics Control, while the onboard SI-Drive arrangement (basically customizable active modes) was reworked to handle the car’s assorted upgrades. The S209’s still offers the aforementioned three active modes as the accepted STI, including Intelligent (for ammunition abridgement and cruising), Sport (basically normal), and Sport Aciculate (a.k.a. S#, the best advancing of the three).

Interestingly, Subaru says that the “STI engineers acclaim Sport over Sport Aciculate for ambit driving, as the beneath advancing burke map allows for greater disciplinarian control.”

Now lets get to the administration goods. The S209 comes with a absolutely reworked administration package, including new abeyance and a thoroughly adapted chassis.

The S209 still offers bifold wishbones advanced and back, but replaces the STI’s accepted dampers with customized units from Bilstein, which are again commutual with stiffer braid springs.

There’s additionally a 20 mm rear balance bar to accumulate understeer at bay, additional pillow-type bushings for the advanced and rear crabbed links. Additional reinforcements are added to the crossmember and rear subframe.

The S209 additionally comes with a adjustable advanced strut belfry bar and adjustable advanced and rear draw stiffeners, both of which are agnate to the bureaucracy Subaru uses with its ability racer that took achievement at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring in 2018.

For those of you who may be unaware, draw stiffeners basically affix the anatomy and cantankerous member, appropriately abbreviation all-embracing anatomy angle and convalescent council feel on turn-in, but afterwards compromising ride comfort.

Subaru additionally gives the abhorrent on how the adjustable belfry bar works, adage “unlike a accepted adamant bar, [a adjustable belfry bar] is breach and abutting with a pillow brawl collective in the centermost to be longitudinally adaptable while allowance alongside anneal the anatomy of the car. The aftereffect is optimum annoy anchor during crabbed moments accumulated with adjustable ride during longitudinal moments.”

To accomplish the best of this absorbing arrangement of abeyance and anatomy upgrades, the S209 additionally comes with a appreciably added stance, complete with both a added anatomy and added wheels.

The rollers are 9 inches in amplitude at all four corners (the accepted STI’s auto are 8.5 inches wide), while super-sticky Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT600A tires accomplish the traction. Subaru says these tires were distinctively developed for the S209, and are abstinent at 265/35R19, which is an access to the advanced and rear clue of 0.6 inches (the accepted STI’s tires are abstinent at 245/35R19).

Put it all together, and the S209 will accomplish an absorbing 1 G in crabbed acceleration. The abeyance and anatomy upgrades should additionally advice to accomplish it handle abundant added neutrally, as adjoin to the terminal understeer about created by high-horsepower AWD sports cars.

The final allotment of the administration addle are the brakes, which get a plus-sized refit from Brembo. Added accessories accommodate new cross-drilled animate rotors, which get bankrupt by six-pot monoblock calipers in advanced and 2-pot monoblock calipers in the rear, additional new high-friction anchor pads with added achromatize resistance.

The 2020 Subaru WRX STI S209 fabricated its aboriginal accessible admission at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show.

Subaru will body aloof 200 units total, all of which will arch alone to the U.S. market.

Exact appraisement advice will be appear afterpiece to the S209’s on-sale date afterwards this year, but it will acceptable aperture in about $55,000 to $65,000, besting the $50,000 tag absorbed to the 2018 WRX STI Type RA and the $36,595 tag absorbed to the accepted WRX STI.

And that’s additionally afore the assured banker markup for this appropriate copy achievement machine, which could add an added $20,000 to the basal band (remember what they were charging for the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Demon?).

Yep, we could actual able-bodied see a $85,000 Subaru in our lifetime, folks. Yikes.

At this amount level, the Subaru WRX STI S209 will face off adjoin some appealing alarming competition, including this complete barbarian of a pony car from Ford. Heavily upgraded for clue duty, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 draws action from a front-mounted 5.2-liter V-8 powerplant laying bottomward a able-bodied 526 application and 429 pound-feet of torque, all of which is beatific to the rear auto via a six-speed chiral transmission. Properly motivated the GT350 will hit 60 mph in the low four-second range. If you’re activity for ultimate track-ready performance, than you’r gonna appetite the R Package, which adds in new aero pieces, added abeyance and anatomy upgrades, a weight-saving autogenous strip-down, and carbon cilia wheels. Appraisement starts at $60,000 for the accepted GT350 and $65,000 for the GT350R.

Read our abounding analysis on the 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350.

At the added end of the spectrum of the achievement aesthetics spectrum, we accept the failing Porsche 718 Cayman. Like the Subaru, the 718 is powered by a turbocharged collapsed four-cylinder engine, but clashing the Subaru, the 718 mounts it in the middle, rather than the nose. Achievement comes to 300 application and 280 pound-feet of torque for the abject model, while the 718 Cayman S tosses in a 2.5-liter advancement that ups aiguille achievement to 350 ponies. Dispatch to 60 mph takes 4.9 abnormal in the accepted archetypal (4.5 abnormal with the Sport Chrono Package) and 4.4 abnormal in the S (4.0 abnormal with the Sport Chrono Package). Both a chiral and a PDK automated are on the account of chiral options, with ability accession alone at the rear wheels. Appraisement starts at $56,900 for the accepted 718 and $69,300 for the S.

Read our abounding analysis on the 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman.

While accidental assemblage may acquisition the angle of a max-attack clue Subaru to be a bit odd, admirers will absolutely acknowledge the assignment that led up to the S209’s release.

This affair takes afterwards Subaru’s abounding motorsports projects accomplished over the years, including the contempo WRX STI Nürburgring Challenge racer that snagged achievement at the 2018 24 Hours of Nürburgring ability accident in the SP3T class. Then, of course, you accept Subaru’s assorted rally, time attack, and alley antagonism efforts.

What’s more, the S209 carries afterwards the attitude of a continued band of S models, including the S201 through S208 congenital amid 2000 and 2018. This is factory-built dispatch from the boffins at Subaru Tecnica International, accepted added bargain as STI, and it shows.

That said, there are a few problems, starting with the price.

The S209 is gonna be actual expensive, and aback it comes to antagonism at this amount level, buyers will charge to accede some actual appetizing alternatives.

Power levels are additionally a bit brow-furrowing. With aloof 341 horses, the S209 is actively outgunned by rivals like the Mustang GT350, and although AWD helps accomplish up the difference, it’s still a appealing big abysm to bridge.

Still, bandy in some dirt, or rain, or asperous surfaces, or real-world roads, and the S209 is a boss foe to argue with. Plus, with aloof 200 units, Subaru should accept no botheration affairs out on the S209. There’s absolutely abundant Scooby admirers out there salivating at the anticipation of accepting the S209 in their barn as we speak, and that’s abundant to characterization it a success.

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