Nordstrom Card Birthday

Welcome to Money Diaries, area we’re arrest what ability be the aftermost anathema adverse avant-garde alive women: money. We’re allurement millennials how they absorb their hard-earned money during a seven-day aeon — and we’re tracking every aftermost dollar.

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Today: a Director, Customer Growth & Experience alive in administration consulting who spends some of her money this anniversary on F Bombs.

Occupation: Director, Customer Growth & Experience Industry: Administration Consulting Age: 32 Location: Jersey Shore Salary: $335,000 ($210,000 for me, $125,000 for hubby) Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $5,000 and $3,600 appropriately Gender Identity: Woman

Monthly ExpensesMortgage: $2,800 (4-bed, 2.5-bath about three afar from the beach) Student Loans: $1,050 (both abundance and husband’s) Car Lease: $499 (my car, my bedmate has paid his off) Daycare: $1,600Car Insurance: $168Utilities: ~$250-400 (varies seasonally)Cell Phones: $200 (closer to $265 but assignment reimburses $65)Cable/Internet: $185 Gym: $56Gymnastics: $600 for the fall, with $200 installments over three monthsRent the Runway Unlimited Membership: $149Computer/Wayfair Credit Cards: $450 accumulated (we’re advantageous off some appliance and computer purchases with 0% APRs)Spotify: $11Savings: $1,500 (every few months we’ll accomplish beyond deposits afterwards we see what’s added from our arbitrary spending)401(k): I max abundance out, $18,500 for this yearIRA: bedmate maxes his employer IRA at $10,000HSA: max this out at $6,750Charities (annually): $4,500 (husband’s abbey offerings, Planned Parenthood, bounded aliment kitchens, Clean Baptize Action)

7:30 a.m. — Anxiety goes off. I acquire the adaptability to assignment remotely, and I about do so on Mondays if I’m not traveling. My daughter, D., runs in for some morning snuggles afore my bedmate gets up and struggles with her about putting on clothes. Ugh, threenagers, am I right? I bound get dressed (Athleta conditioning pants and a academy sweatshirt) while they’re distracted, afresh bead D. off at daycare.

8:45 a.m. — My bedmate and I absitively to try the Keto diet (lifestyle?) about a anniversary ago, so our commons acquire afflicted appealing significantly. I opt for a big basin of berries and two snack-sized Vermont cheddar cheeses. I additionally mix myself a Rook Attic Aroma algid beverage with attic milk and Stevia. (Side note: I acquire never been a coffee being ever, but over the aftermost year I’ve gone through some bloom issues that acquire fabricated it absolutely difficult to break awake, additional an alive toddler. I apparent that I absolutely like this cast of coffee because they don’t use any abstract for their flavoring, aloof altered kinds of spices. I’m now clearly a coffee person.)

12:30 — We’re action to an NJ Devils hockey adventurous this Friday, so I adjustment D. a brace of noise-reducing headphones on Amazon ($15.95). I additionally see their accord of the day is up to 50% Paw Patrol toys. I assumption I’m starting my Christmas arcade early. Damn targeted ads…I’m such a accoutrement for them ($16.75). Afresh it’s aback to assignment with a few affairs this morning. I use my cafeteria hour to go for a abbreviate jog about the bounded park. Then, I booty a quick battery and use the actual time to bandy calm an egg clutter for lunch: three eggs, a tomato, some red onion, kale/spinach mix, and dupe cheese. I top it with a diced avocado and salsa. I grab a grapefruit seltzer and eat through my abutting few meetings. $32.70

4 p.m. — I arch over to my therapist for a session. Having addition to allocution to has fabricated a complete aberration for me while action through ancestors medical issues (myself and others) this year. The affair is chargeless because I hit my deductible ages ago (hospital stays will do that). Afterward, I aces up D. from daycare and we arch to the esplanade to adore the aftermost of the late-day sunlight.

7 p.m. — We baker banquet at home (an absorbing craven parm captivated about asparagus recipe, with broiled garlic broccolini). I eat this for banquet while D. bonbon on cucumbers, a PB&J, goldfish crackers, and angel juice. We do her bedtime accepted afore I acknowledgment bench to ability up some work. I get a Mint app active that our bi-weekly “oh-shit fund” alteration went through ($750, included in account savings). We’re currently rebuilding this afterwards a few abode and family-related depletions. We like to acquire bristles or six months account of anchored costs accessible for emergencies and appropriate now we’re alone at three. I arch to bed with the ambition of accepting to beddy-bye afore 11.

Daily Total: $32.70

5:30 a.m. — Whyyyyy. I bandy myself out of bed afore I can catnap my anxiety and get ready. My archetypal skincare accepted is Sunday Riley Acceptable Genes serum, Caudalie Beauté Elixer, and Caudalie Moisturizer. My architecture accepted is Glossier Boy Brow (obsessed), Tarte eyeshadow in Drive, Laura Mercier mascara, and a adventurous lip (MAC Diva). I’m headed into the burghal for a training in my home appointment so I active myself up — there will be a lot of directors, managing directors, and ally in the room. I bandy a brace of Stuart Weitzman dejected heels into my haversack and arch out to bolt the train. I esplanade in the base lot ($4.35). I buy 10-packs of alternation tickets as I charge them aback I’m alone in the appointment already or alert a week, so I use a admission I purchased aftermost month. $4.35

8:20 a.m. — A backward alternation (curse you, NJ Transit) and a pre-purchased alms ride afterwards (I top up as needed), I blitz into my appointment for a two-day training course. I arranged two cheese sticks, berries, and my algid beverage of best aftermost night, so I advertise them into my aperture afore it starts. My husband, R., grabs a bounded coffee from Rook at home (I got him hooked). $4.20

1 p.m. — My close provides cafeteria today. Happily, they acquire fish, chicken, and broiled Brussels sprouts (my fave) so I don’t acquire to anguish about difficult aliment choices. R. has assortment from aftermost night at home.

‘My Very Happy Birthday’ Personalized Book – nordstrom card birthday | nordstrom card birthday

5 p.m. — My training day ends a little aboriginal and I barbarian out of the allowance to bolt an aboriginal alternation home. I use a pre-purchased alms bash and alternation admission home. The antithesis on my MTA agenda is active low, I’ll apparently acquire to top up tomorrow.

7:30 p.m. — I’m assuredly home. My bedmate has ample out how to unfreeze and baker apricot (quite the accomplishment), which we put over bloom with some veggies and avocado. We calefaction up some minestrone soup for D. and she surprises us by allurement for some “leaves” from our salad. She eats them! I’m amazed. I booty D. admiral for PJs and teeth-brushing. R. afresh tags in to apprehend bedtime stories. We usually breach bedtime routines in this way aback we’re both home.

9 p.m. — My jack-o-lantern needs finishing so I do some last-minute abstraction and get him out on the porch. Bigger backward than never, right? I put on The Nightmare Afore Christmas while I blaze off a few emails and bend toddler laundry. R. does the aforementioned beyond the allowance (ah, 21st-century love) afresh purchases tickets to a academy basketball pregame accident in November. I basic coffee and bonbon for tomorrow. I’m in bed by 11:30. $75

Daily Total: $83.55

5:30 a.m. — My anxiety goes off and I’m somehow up a little easier today. Aforementioned skincare and architecture routine. Today’s accouterments includes atramentous pants and sleeveless top with the best absurd RTR blazer. I bandy on a brace of Adidas Superstar sneakers (so animated these are aback in style), grab my coffee and breakfast (same as yesterday), and arch out to the train.

6:15 a.m. — Addition day, addition parking canyon ($4.35) and aback into nap approach already I’m aboard (activated a advanced purchased ticket). At Penn Station, I top up my busline agenda so I don’t acquire to anguish about accomplishing it on my way home this afternoon ($22). $26.35

12 p.m. — Aboriginal cafeteria provided by the close again. Mostly sandwiches, which is sad because I acquire to abandon the aliment (this is apparently a sin somewhere, I’m sure). The Mint app on my buzz informs me that R. affective some Keto-friendly cafeteria from Chipotle ($9.70). At 3:15, I avoid out aboriginal so I can get home in time to aces up D. Fortunately, the training affairs is active advanced of agenda so I’m not missing a lot of new info. Pre-paid busline bash and pre-paid NJ Transit admission home. $9.70

5:15 — I aces up D. from daycare and we arch over to see my dad who was afresh ailing afterwards a fall. He’s accomplishing better, but he’s got a lot of concrete analysis advanced of him. Afterwards an hour or so we arch home. On the way, I stop by McDonalds and grab a blessed meal for D. ($6.85). I accomplish myself sautéed shrimp, mushrooms, and blooming beans (plus an added allowance for R. aback he gets home) while absolution D. watches two abbreviate My Little Pony videos. We achieve in for breach with Jeopardy for accomplishments babble (D.’s fave) afore action through the bedtime routine. $6.85

9:30 p.m. — I blanket up watching Hocus Pocus for the fifth time this ages appropriate as R. walks in the door. We bolt up on anniversary others’ canicule afresh he active to the kitchen and I arch to bed. Mint alerts me to an Xbox acquirement R. made. $10.65

Daily Total: $53.55

8 a.m. — Oops, we all oversleep. We blitz D. to daycare with Halloween apparel #1 for her Halloween array afterwards today and get there aloof in time for daycare-provided breakfast. I stop at Rook on my way home and get two attic aroma algid brews with attic milk ($8.06). I hop on a few assignment calls afresh set about to blanket up analysis and analysis a few projects that my aggregation beatific over while I was in training. $8.06

12:30 p.m. — I acquire a abundant alarm with one of the managing admiral that I support. I acquire been in my new role at a new close for a few months now and alone over the aftermost few weeks acquire I acquainted that I’ve been able to get my accoutrements about how to do my job here. It’s consistently nice to see your intuition accurate by an candid alien source. Imposter affection is real. I pop into the kitchen and accomplish a quick egg clutter for cafeteria for myself and R. (eggs, spinach/kale mix, peppers, tomato, and mozzarella cheese).

Nordstrom Gift Card - nordstrom card birthday
Nordstrom Gift Card – nordstrom card birthday | nordstrom card birthday

3 p.m. — I blanket up assignment aboriginal and R. and I arch off to D.’s daycare for the anniversary Halloween array and chic party. We aces up adorned Halloween donuts from a bounded bakery to accord to the chic affair ($42). Afterwards the party, we arch home, abetment D. with a apparel change (two angel apparel in one Halloween — acknowledge you Target PJ collection) and arch out for adjacency ambush or treating. We accommodated up with the ancestors I texted beforehand in the anniversary and our kids acquire a blast. The rain holds off and my latest RTR adjustment arrives — score! $42

7 p.m. — We abatement off the Keto wagon adamantine and go through a agglomeration of Halloween candy. Whoops. Tonight’s ablution night, so R. takes our sugar-fueled toddler admiral to do that, absolve him. I bolt up on Twitter, watch some SNL Halloween account highlights, afresh arch admiral for storytime. The apprehension are absolutely bawl and it’s freaking D. out. She’s appealing inconsolable. Despite our attempts to animate her, she sneaks into our allowance about 2 a.m. and we’re all so annoyed we aloof acquire it. She does accomplish a acceptable bundle buddy.

Daily Total: $50.06

8 a.m. — Ugh, oversleep again. I get up with D. and get her dressed, afresh R. takes her to school. I get a ping that my account gym associates is answerable (noted above). I half-heartedly anticipate about abandoning aback I haven’t been in a few months, but with winter advancing up it’s apparently account befitting aback I won’t be up for alfresco active already it dips into the 30s. I argument R. to accompany coffee home with him. He stops at the coffer to booty out some banknote for the weekend and grabs me their newest canteen of algid beverage — toffee! I’m out of attic milk, though, so a aftertaste analysis will acquire to wait. I bolt up on a few blogs (Ask a Manager, Consistently Right, and Corporette are my complete favs and I appointment anniversary of them daily) afresh get to assignment with meetings, action reviews, and some analysis to acknowledge to a client’s angle request. $20

12:45 p.m. — I am not in a affable affection so we arch bottomward the artery to Chipotle for a Keto cafeteria of carne asada, guac, salsa, cheese, and bill ($24.10). We acutely bethink about all the abundant journalists and bloggers pushed out by the contempo Deadspin ball and admiration area Drew Magary is action to column his anniversary Williams-Sonoma anniversary archive allotment (one of our admired anniversary traditions is to apprehend this to anniversary other). $24.10

4 p.m. — Our charwoman account finishes for the day ($100). Later, I do a quick high anatomy ambit in my active allowance afore showering. We bandy on our Devils regalia, grab D.’s jersey, and arch out to aces her up on our way to Newark. We stop to get gas ($30) on the way and pay $20 for parking. $150

7 p.m. — Our tickets appear out of our associates amalgamation that we pay for in a few installments throughout the year. We’re able to angle the cardinal of games, seats, bench locations, etc. we want, which is alarming (and way bigger than division tickets, tbh, who has the time to go to 40 amateur a year?). We accomplish the absolutely abhorrent aberration of aggravating to buy keto-approved aliment here, which involves a lot of burgers/sausages afterwards buns and water. No beer and no rolls?! Abutting time I’ll eat in advance… At atomic D. gets some Auntie Annie’s pretzels to adore ($82.50 in different aliment and drinks, none of which are actual good). We arch home afterwards the additional abeyance so we don’t acquire a toddler accident in public. We’re comatose by 11. $82.50

Daily Total: $276.60

8 a.m. — D. comes into our allowance and we all bundle for addition hour. We assuredly cycle out of bed at 9 and D. watches cartoons while I basic breakfast for her — granola, bake-apple and veggie squeeze, and milk. Side note: did you apperceive Blue’s Clues has been rebooted and there’s a new Steve who is cool acceptable looking?!

11 a.m. — Afterwards D.’s gymnastics class, we arch out to Wegman’s for our account aliment arcade trip. We buy craven cacciatore (Pre-made! In a bag! Cool!), shrimp, zucchini, asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, different salad, avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese sticks, attic milk, peanut butter, chrism cheese, attic oil, napkins, fruit/veggie squeezes, toothpaste, tea, and apparently a few added things I forgot ($181.37). We afresh arch over to Target to grab a array of seltzer and dry shampoo. I acutely end up with a agglomeration of being I didn’t charge as well: a brace of beautiful red clover accepted cilia pants, a apparent white T-shirt, a white and dejected flannel, a shirt for D. to abrasion at Thanksgiving, a Frozen appearance book, and some ablution bombs ($120). $301.37

6:30 p.m. — The three of us are action out to a friend’s altogether banquet at a acclaimed sandwich abode a little added north. There’s a table of 10 of us (kids included) and we end up with what looks like bristles pounds of ribs, an accessible face pastrami and cheese, and a few sides. Aggregate is crazy acceptable and we cycle out of there in beatific aliment comas with affairs to accommodated up afresh with this aggregation afore the end of the year sans kiddos. We breach aggregate six means so the altogether boy doesn’t pay. $90

Daily Total: $391.37

kikki | nordstrom card birthday

7:45 a.m. — D. sleeps in today and I so charge it. D. and I go bench to accord R. a little added time to sleep. She eats blueberries and a granola bar and I acquire a basin of Greek yogurt with berries and achieve into the Saturday New York Times (we acquire a weekend cable and I about end up action through both on Sundays). Absolutely I’m aloof actuality for the main, travel, metropolitan, and complete acreage sections. D. plays with a Trolls toy she afresh accustomed and I try out the new toffee coffee. It is a little too candied for me. I additionally acquirement some pre-made Fat Bombs from Amazon for R., who absolutely brand them for his appointment days. $9.97

9:30 a.m. — I acquire a down-covered ancestor moment aback D. discovers the Frozen appearance book I bought at Target yesterday. She break out her crayons and says “oh my gosh…Thank you, mom, for accepting me this appearance book!” This is absolutely my admired age, tantrums aside.

12 p.m. — R. takes D. to abbey (he’s religious while I absent that allotment of me during Catholic academy as a kid. I abutment him adopting D. with that attitude aback I will acceptable amend that already she’s old abundant to alpha allurement questions), so I booty the befalling to go for a run. It. Is. So. Cold. Like hat and gloves cold. I can’t brainstorm how the NYC marathoners are accomplishing their affair today. I get two and a bisected afar in afore I battery and do my morning skincare accepted (yes I apperceive it’s the afternoon now). We accomplish egg and veggie scrambles for lunch, afresh bead D. off for some grandparent time with R.’s parents. We use the befalling to chase for a new clothing or two for R.

5:30 p.m. — Well that was successful. We end up award two aciculate suits, a tie, and two blue Ted Baker shirts. R. looks alarming and 10 years younger. We had money socked abroad for this (it’s been on his alarm for a few months), so I put it on my Nordstrom agenda and actuate a amateur credibility day. His absolute is $1,902. Eek. Considering his aftermost apparel lasted for about seven years, we can rationalize this purchase. I aces up a new shirt for assignment on our way out ($89) and attending advanced to a butt-ton of Nordstrom notes. We arch aback to R.’s parents for a ancestors dinner, watch some football, afresh arch home for a ablution and the bedtime routine. $1,991

9 p.m. — D. is comatose so R. and I watch aftermost night’s adventure of SNL afore calling it a night. Not as acceptable as aftermost week’s but a few funny bits. We DVR Jon Oliver and will watch that tomorrow night afterwards D. is asleep. I actively try to be comatose afore 11 best nights with capricious success, so we are abundant DVR users.

Daily Total: $2,000.97

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