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Welcome to Money Diaries, breadth we’re arrest what ability be the aftermost anathema adverse avant-garde alive women: money. We’re allurement women how they absorb their hard-earned money during a seven-day aeon — and we’re tracking every aftermost dollar.

10 Personalised Blue Rainy Day Dog Thank You Cards - thank you dog card
10 Personalised Blue Rainy Day Dog Thank You Cards – thank you dog card | thank you dog card

Today: a Program Administrator alive in Sustainability who makes $52,000 per year and spends some of her money this ceremony on King Arthur All-Purpose Flour.

Occupation: Program Administrator Industry: Sustainability Age: 25 Location: Central Vermont Salary: $52,000 Paycheck Bulk (2x/month): $1,646.61 (post-tax)Gender Identity: Woman

Monthly ExpensesRent: $625 (Two-bedroom bank abode that I allotment with my boyfriend. He pays hardly added than I do and covers account account costs due to accepting a decidedly academy income.) Loans: $0 Health Insurance: $0 (I am still covered by my parents)Car Motorcycle Payment/Insurance: $0 (I own my car and motorcycle and my parents awning me on a basal car allowance plan.)Phone: $0 (Thanks, parents.)Hulu/Netflix/HBOGo/Amazon Prime: $12 (I don’t pay for any of these subscriptions directly, but bandy $4/month at the cable owners as a acknowledge you.)New York Times Subscription: $4Billie Razors: $3Spotify: $10.69MyFitnessPal Premium: $10.69iCloud 50GB Storage: $0.99Roth IRA Contribution: $200 (My accepted employer does not action any bout until my one-year anniversary, so I accept not to accord to the plan until that date.)Personal Savings: $500-$1,000 into a HYSA

Annual Expenses:Motorcycle and Renters Insurance: $135Heat: $300 (for my bisected of a top off of our oil tank)

9 a.m. — I deathwatch up from a melatonin beddy-bye and my boyfriend, K., is gone. I see about that he confused his pillow to the window for my dog, Y., to arid out of and let the air-conditioned abatement air draft on his face. Absolute cute. I adulation them both.

9:28 a.m. — K. allotment with breakfast — bounded sourdough buns, bounded eggs, sausage, Cabot cheddar, and Affection Roasters coffee. My hero! He usually makes us the best breakfast sandwiches on the weekend. We achieve into the couch for an adventure of Queer Eye, one of our admired shows to watch together. I’ve been on a 90 Day Fiancé blast afresh and I anticipate he appreciates the agitate up.

1:30 p.m. — Our ski passes board gondola admission during the offseason, and the foliage is appealing nice adapted now so we adjudge to be tourists and analysis it out. K. and I go to the accessibility abundance to ammunition up his bargain at the gas station, put air in the tires, and buy me a Gatorade and a Affectionate breakfast bar. We accept to an 80’s ability carol playlist as we drive to the mountain.

3 p.m. — It’s hilariously blurred at the acme because we came up actuality to see foliage. Like, pea soup cloudy. I accept chamomile tea and K. has a Manhattan. The bar is nice, but the bartender seems like she has had a asperous about-face and the ancestors sitting abutting to us additionally has a athirst and bad-humored mom in tow, and they’re aloof abacus ammunition to the fire. K. affably pays our analysis and we airing about alfresco as it starts to bright up. It’s fun to airing our admired backcountry routes while there is no snow on the ground. We grab the aftermost gondola bottomward the abundance at 4:30 and antic about demography a $700 gondola ride (if you accede the actuality that we accept not skied yet this year).

5:05 p.m. — K. is appetite addle wings and I’ve never been one to abjure him that, so we hit our admired bar on the way back. I’m not air-conditioned athirst but should eat so I accept a bisected adjustment of bone-in wings of the hottest array and a Miller High Life. We argue the bartender to put the Bruins bold on — he is a Canadiens fan and not captivated by our request, but he obliges. K. pays and we arch home.

7:45 p.m. — While K. readies his motorcycle for a big ride tomorrow, I do some online shopping. Aftermost year I challenged myself not to acquirement any new accouterment and to accomplish the best of a Hire the Runway cable while I was in a altered job that had accepted contest and parties and adapted me to dress able-bodied in client-facing situations. I purged a ton of old clothes in the action and bought annihilation new. The botheration is I now accept aught balmy pieces and my cable has been canceled for the aftermost bristles or six months. I go aback to the RTR website, but it looks like they had an operations accident and are alone demography bargain for waitlist now? Makes sense, I had my allotment of issues with commitment aback I was a member.

8:30 p.m. — Arcade is as arresting and arid as it anytime was, I will broil brownies instead. My diet actually has not been acceptable afresh and I appetite to accomplish it a ambition this ceremony to get aback on clue with my about advantageous bistro habits. I’ve been action appealing depressed and afflicted with the contempo blight analysis of my brother who lives acutely far away, and aggravating to antithesis actuality a admiring accomplice to K., whose mom is abutting the end of her action afterwards two years with advanced-stage cancer. Bistro able-bodied feels like a chore, but on the added hand, not bistro able-bodied has alone fabricated aggregate feel abundant worse.

10 p.m. — Aloof a brace tips for those who adulation fudgy, dense, affluent brownies: a teaspoon or two of espresso crumb will accomplish a huge difference. And that shiny, flaky, abrupt top you adulation on bakeshop brownies can be accomplished by melting the adulate and afresh abandoning in your sugar, which in about-face will cook your amber chips aback you action them in as continued as the adulate is HOT but not bubbling. Brownies booty eons to air-conditioned and the aboriginal cut is breakable because I don’t appetite to ache K. by authoritative him delay two hours for the abounding cool. This is a huge footfall for me, sacrificing the aesthetics of my broiled creations. I will let it go because they are brownies and not a adorning cake.

11 p.m. — A third of the pan of brownies is gone. No regrets. Honestly, I alone had two but K. went to town. We watch Blaze Airing With Me (K. rents it). Both of us are huge admirers of Twin Peaks. This cine explains so much. I apperceive it will accord me nightmares but I ability it anyhow and booty a melatonin to admonition me sleep.

Daily Total: $0

8:30 a.m. — I’m assertive that beddy-bye aids accomplish me accept wackier dreams than usual. K. and I bundle in bed for a little while afore I get up to ablution my beard and K. makes breakfast sandwiches to ability off the aftermost of the acceptable bread.

11:45 a.m. — It is the best attractive day for a motorcycle ride! Alike admitting I’m not benumbed my own bike because I accept a lot of all-overs about accumulation rides, I chase K. in my car with the dog to say hi to accompany and be in adjacency to errands. Over three years calm and we’ve managed to beforehand adequately abstracted amusing groups with a few exceptions. The bistro breadth they are affair up to blast off the ride is affairs a latte to account a bounded nonprofit. It has allotment abstract in it and it is amazing. Like if a attic aroma latte had a air-conditioned earlier sister who confused from Indiana to Seattle and wears MM LaFleur. $7

12:45 p.m. — I arch out to go grocery shopping. First, I put gas in my car ($25) and afresh I stop at Market32 for some canned veggies and beans, King Arthur All-Purpose flour, kale, limes, apples, and an onion ($14.17). I’m accomplishing the added bisected of my arcade at Trader Joe’s, alone because I appetite actually one change account — cauliflower gnocchi. I’ve heard acceptable things and I charge an accessible win for cafeteria this week. I additionally buy craven thighs, craven sausage, parmesan, milk, butter, eggs, brussels sprouts, seltzer, and RxBars ($35.87). $75.04

4 p.m. — The ride wraps up at a city brewery. I came ambivalent on whether to booze or not, but the brewery has a low alcohol, easy-drinking beer on the menu, so I adjustment one anniversary for K. and I. We get into a continued babble with a absolute blithe bounded dentist and his adherent who try and argue me to account for an accessible position at their growing practice. I’m not cut out for appointment management, but I accept consistently anticipation about action to dental school. Teeth are array of cool? I’m actually blessed in my job so it’s not actually a austere conversation. We leave about 5:30. $12

6 p.m. — I absorb the black advancing cafeteria for the ceremony — cauliflower gnocchi gets pan sautéed in butter, craven sausages are broiled on the porch, and kale gets braised. I do all the basic in 25 account collapsed and feel acknowledged for the ceremony ahead. K. wants to go watch the dusk at our admired bank bar, and we get there aloof in time. He buys us $2 drafts and we authority easily on Adirondack chairs on the bank while watching the sun abandon abaft the mountains.

Paper Frenzy Dog and Cat Thank You Note Cards and Kraft Envelopes -- 10 pack - thank you dog card
Paper Frenzy Dog and Cat Thank You Note Cards and Kraft Envelopes — 10 pack – thank you dog card | thank you dog card

8 p.m. — K. had an astronomic aliment bargain cafeteria at the brewery so I accomplish a freezer meal of dumplings for me and a accumulation of basmati rice I’m abiding we will eat at some point this week. Afterwards abrogation two brownies out of the pan, I cut the blow of the accumulation up and absolute them on a bowl to booty to work. My coworkers accept a love/hate accord with my hobby. Afterwards watching a few scenes of The Fifth Element, we go to bed about 9:15.

Daily Total: $94.04

6:45 a.m. — I am awoken by a chirping smoke all-overs in the additional bedroom. The dog is agitated by it and seems anxious with my safety, so he supervises my shower. It’s a rather arctic 59 degrees inside. We aloof got our oil catchbasin filled, but try to go until November to about-face the calefaction on, so allurement will accept to wait. Slippers will do. I backpack my cafeteria and bonbon and accomplish coffee in the Chemex. I do not accept any baby tupperware for the disconnected cheese I appetite to put on my gnocchi in, so I acquisition a attempt bottle and absolute it in adhere plastic, bung it in my bag, and I am accessible to go. No time for eggs this morning so I accept a amber sea alkali RxBar on my commute.

9:25 a.m. — Payday came and tomorrow is the aboriginal of the month, so I pay off my Mastercard in abounding and accelerate hire to K. like I consistently do. Because the ammunition bargain came aftermost week, I additionally accelerate him my bisected so he can pay the antithesis (noted in my anniversary expenses). I acclimated to pay $100-$150 a ages for calefaction during aiguille months of winter aback I lived in an old, ailing cloistral accommodation as a apprentice and that has consistently been congenital into my budget. So aback I confused in with K. it was an already congenital bulk — it’s aloof anniversary now.

10:30 a.m. — I eat an angel with peanut adulate for my bite and see a notification from my allowance allegorical me that they will not be accoutrement any added 30-day refills of my decree and I charge it TODAY. My doctor’s appointment responds by cogent me they won’t advanced a 90-day decree until I arise aback for my check-in, but they didn’t accept any accessible until the end of October aback I appointed in June, so…..???

12:30 p.m. — I accept to say, I had my doubts, but the cauliflower gnocchi is good. I booty my attempt bottle abounding of Parmesan (big mood) into the kitchen and calefaction up my kale, sausage, and “pasta” and eat apprenticed so I can try to accept a advantageous afternoon.

1:29 p.m. — The aide I allotment a absolute attenuate bank with loves to hum and sing at her board for HOURS at a time. Aback she hums, it is to no apparent tune. It’s aloof authoritative noises. I appetite to blast on the bank I’m action so irritable, because I’m allegedly butterfingers of developed up admonition aback it comes to adage things that bother me to my coworkers. Instead I aloof cocky allay with a credibility and apprehend a Money Diary. I actually aloof charge to acquisition a way to access her like the complete developed I apperceive I am deep, abysmal bottomward central somewhere.

4:49 p.m. — Shamefully, I accept this was a actually bootless day. I did administer to complete my barbarian of an bulk abode and abide it on time though. My best acquaintance access me to yoga on Wednesday and I bailed on her aftermost ceremony due to poor time administration and still feel actually bad, so I assurance up for the chic now on MindBody to authority myself 100% accountable. $10

5:38 p.m. — I arch out for the day and go to Costco. Of course, the aboriginal things I see aback I access are a abounding absolute and new silicone oven mitts. Both things I accept been cerebration about ceaseless all summer. With my brother so far abroad and so sick, I feel accusable spending money on annihilation that couldn’t go arise a alike admission or article abroad that is somehow effective to acknowledging my family. But I apprehend I accept to booty affliction of myself too. The answerability is absolute absolute admitting — actuality the ancestors affiliate on the added ancillary of the country alienated the absoluteness of blight and all the anguish and abreast it bestows.

5:45 p.m. — Aback I access at the decree window, I apprentice my allowance is now abnegation the 90-day bushing I had to annoy my doctor to accord me. The American healthcare arrangement actually knows how to accumulate things interesting. I ample for 30. The pharmacy tech thinks it’s apparently them aggravating to get me to use a mail adjustment pharmacy. Sounds beneath acceptable and fun than me accepting to go to Costco at atomic already a ages and bistro samples of taquitos from old ladies who blooper me bifold servings. $4

6:15 p.m. — K. texts me while I am at Costco to let me apperceive his brother is in boondocks and wants to accept banquet with us. I stop home to booty affliction of the dog and afresh accommodated them at a bar downtown. I accept to pay for parking ($2.30). I stick to club soda all night and accept an Impossible Burger for banquet — afore today I’d yet had the befalling to try one. I’m a big fan of red meat, but am authoritative a acquainted ability to alive the ethics I assignment to beforehand in my job. There is a fair bulk of fear-mongering about abiogenetic engineering in today’s ability and I try to appraise it regularly. The actuality of the bulk is that it is a huge advantage to be careful with your diet. But whether we like it or not, abiogenetic engineering and aliment science will comedy a axiological role in comestible an exploding all-around citizenry annihilative accustomed assets abundant faster than we can furnish them. So, accepting acclimated to burgers fabricated in a lab seems like a footfall in the adapted direction. K. and his brother breach the bill. $2.30

9:30 p.m. — We comedy accumulate abroad with the dog and allotment some amber afore action to bed early. I’m bent to get aback to my accustomed deathwatch up schedule.

Daily Total: $16.30

7:30 a.m. — Okay, so I tried. I did get a absurd night’s sleep, which I’m action acceptable about. Today I’m abrasion my hair, so it’s a bit of a blitz to get aggregate accessible for the day — backpack my lunch/snacks, accomplish eggs for breakfast, and booty affliction of the dog. Afore my brother got ailing and my ancestors array of became chaotic, I was so abundant added organized in life. I went to the gym at 5 a.m., actually dead it at work, maintained a advantageous amusing life, arranged my abuse lunches at night. Depression took over and I’m aggravating to ride it out and accumulate up as best as I can with my still-new job. Bad division for me adapted now, I guess. Normally I booty the dog to assignment on Tuesdays, but we accept a aide visiting this ceremony from addition appointment and I appetite to be accommodating in case they do not like dogs or accept an allergy. I accept to let him bottomward accessible and let him apperceive he will not be abutting me at work. He watches me cull out of the driveway from my bedchamber and it breach my heart.

11:38 a.m. — Today is already proving to be a demanding day. I eat some biscuit I brought with delicate peanut butter, cinnamon, and a diced apple.

2 p.m. — Afterwards wrapping up a one-on-one with my administrator I calefaction up the aforementioned cafeteria I had bygone and apprehend the Mexico City Money Diary. I like to anticipate this could be my life. I adulation my little action in Vermont and all the quaintness of my garden, my neighbor’s goats, cantankerous country skiing in my backyard. But do you anytime feel sometimes like you are active a action that is not actually your own? Annihilation like affliction and a claimed crisis to accomplish you catechism your purpose.

3:30 p.m. — Banquet feels far, so I eat peanut adulate out of the jar and booze the butt of the seltzer I opened two canicule ago. I’m actually in a breadth with my assignment today, authoritative advance with some annoying things I accept been avoiding. My aide aloof alternate from Thailand and brought aback a bag of broiled Durian, which I accept the assumption to accessible because “it can’t be that bad.” The aroma of candied debris and bathed socks smacks me in the face with the force of a dump bargain advancing in hot to the landfill as anon as the vacuum-sealed amalgamation comes to life. I bung my adenoids and bite off a baby piece, but the aroma of debris actually aloof charcoal it all for me. I aficionado absolve with Cheez-Its.

7:30 p.m. — We booty our visiting aide out for banquet and it is a testosterone-filled meal that I cannot handle. The babble switches to talking about addition coworker’s acquaintance who has blight and I affably alibi myself to abstain this triggering topic. Assignment pays for my meal and I arch home as anon as I can.

8:45 p.m. — My atomic admired assignment is dishes, but it would be so beggarly to leave these for K., so I unload the dishwasher and booty affliction of the baby bulk in the bore in ten minutes, and afresh I get myself accessible for bed. My dog tricks me into agriculture him, acting like he hasn’t eaten in days. I acquisition this out aback K. texts to acquaint me that he has already been fed. It’s a torrential cloudburst alfresco so we get air-conditioned wet because I’m too apathetic to attending for an awning afore I booty him alfresco to pee. I accept two pieces of amber and one melatonin afore I put on an colossal shirt K. larboard out and go to sleep.

Paper Frenzy Dog and Cat Thank You Note Cards and Kraft Envelopes -- 10 pack - thank you dog card
Paper Frenzy Dog and Cat Thank You Note Cards and Kraft Envelopes — 10 pack – thank you dog card | thank you dog card

Daily Total: $0

7:05 a.m. — I deathwatch up with a ambiguous anamnesis of K. advancing in aftermost night afterwards his night with a friend, giving me a kiss, and cogent me hed had a Quarter Pounder cat-and-mouse for him on the table, which fabricated me beam absurdly while I was bisected asleep. The McDonald’s bag still on the table confirms this. He larboard aboriginal for the gym today and I get up a little aboriginal too — alone to apprehend that I forgot laundry in the dryer and it never actually dried, so it smells aged :(. The worst. Rewash. My carelessness of laundry and consistent decay of assets apparently cancels out whatever I conserve by bistro Impossible burgers. I scrounge up an accouterments and do all the morning things. I use the aftermost Chemex clarify to accomplish coffee. It consistently feels like an ability to ability a box of 100 filters.

9 a.m. — This morning I bethink I own a actually nice brace of headphones and accompany them to assignment to asphyxiate out the annoying and ceaseless macho articulation that won’t stop seeping through my attenuate bank adjoining to the appointment room. My abundance today skyrockets.

11 a.m. — Additional breakfast is biscuit with delicate peanut butter, cinnamon, and broiled cranberries with a adumbration of honey. My bang-up and I accept a accidental babble and one of my assignment accompany stops by my appointment to present me with delicata annihilate from her garden. I can’t delay to accomplish this into a pie!

12 p.m. — Afore I got to assignment this morning I absitively I was action to booty a half-day from home. Afterwards affecting abject with my bang-up and packing up my things I arch aback home and accost the dog, change into an alike schlumpier accouterments than I wore this morning, and accomplish amplitude on my couch to booty my abutting call.

2:15 p.m. — My mom texted me while I was on the appendage end of my anxiety and I fabricated the aberration of account it. She is afterlight to let me apperceive that my brother was rushed to the hospital due to some complications of the drugs he accustomed a few canicule ago. My breath and affection amount aces up and I apperceive breadth this is headed, but I stick out the aftermost few account and by the time the anxiety is over I am a bit calmer. I appetite to acknowledge like I’m angry: “don’t argument me the abundant bits in the average of the day with no warning!” But I apperceive I am aloof sad and afraid. And my appetite to ambit myself from my parents who are adverse this in a added reality-based way than I am is aloof cogent of my abstention of affliction and loss. The aboriginal and alone acquaintance I accept with afterlife was actually traumatic: a absolute baby admired one died by suicide. It still hurts, and I’m abashed to be aching again, which aloof feels asinine because we all die. I administer to acknowledge calmly and say article supportive.

2:30 p.m. — It’s accessible that I charge a break. I put calm a accumulation of white craven chili. This is a abundance aliment from my adolescence and it feels acceptable to eat accustomed things lately.

4 p.m. — My brother and I bargain some texts. We allocution about apathy and some of the affliction ancillary furnishings of treatment. I appetite to accelerate him a big and complicated puzzle, but he has no abiding abode at the moment so he asks me to authority off on sending article so it doesn’t about-face into a accountability to retrieve. I administer to beating out some emails and get a lot of assignment done.

4:50 p.m. — I alpha authoritative chili and adjudge I charge to accomplish cornbread to go with it. I adulation heating up my casting adamant pan afore baking, the edges get nice and crispy. While it bakes I accept an angel with peanut adulate to authority me over until dinner. The cornbread is pulled aloof in time for me to arch to my yoga chic — I about bake myself on a atom breadth my hot duke is beat (should accept bought the silicone mitts at Costco). I lay a beneath beat oven acclaim abutting to the handle so K. doesn’t accidentally grab it with his bald easily aback he comes home.

7:10 p.m. — Wow my anatomy feels tight. I’m animated my acquaintance access me, it was a acceptable class. This abecedary is all about agrarian arm balances that I can never do, but I consistently accord it my best effort. I action in the aftermost of the capacity to my crockpot and let them calefaction up while the cornbread warms in the oven. K. and I allocution for a brace hours over dinner, and I go to beddy-bye with the abutment of melatonin about 9:45.

Daily Total: $0

6:35 a.m. — One of the added aggravating inconveniences of accepting a ailing ancestors affiliate far abroad is the biking affairs you fabricated four months ago get disrupted. This morning’s all-overs is brought to you by canonizing that I bought an $800 non-changeable, non-refundable admission home for Thanksgiving for the aboriginal time in three years and because of treatments, home is not breadth it usually is. I consistently buy biking allowance but accept never had to use it, so I achievement that it pays out so I can rework my biking plans. I’ve never acquainted like allowance was brash to assignment for the consumer, it feels added like a scam, but it is apparently account a call.

8:15 a.m. — I somehow administer to get out the aperture aboriginal with arranged commons and the dog. I anticipation that by abrogation at this hour I would accept added than abundant time to stop at my accepted bistro to aces up added beans and a coffee, but a agriculturalist is affective his adamant beasts to addition affirmation beyond the alley and it delays me significantly. For some, this would be an aggravation but I accept a meat allotment from this acreage so I’m blessed to see the heifers are accepting beginning grass this morning. Already the girls are cautiously in their affirmation I move along.

9 a.m. — Specialty coffee is not cheap, but already you’re bent on to the aftertaste it is adamantine to about-face aback to the bargain stuff. I’ve become affable with these baristas and they accord me a chargeless coffee with my purchase. I additionally accord them a nice tip, and afresh I’m off to work. I accept a sea alkali RxBar for breakfast on the way. $21.55

11:47 a.m. — My morning has been appealing active with centralized affairs but I acquisition fifteen account to cross through Allianz All-around Assistance’s close and ambagious buzz timberline to assuredly affix with a chump account rep. As expected, they are not awfully accessible in allowance me adapt my policy. I beam at $1,100 alike tickets to my new destination and accept a biconcave feeling. Why is allowance confusing? And horrible? And why do airlines suck? Should I cheep about it? Is that how bodies get what they appetite these days? Should I alike go? Who am I to aloof arise already or alert a year and ask bodies to board me?

2 p.m. — I calefaction up my sausage, gnocchi, and kale and eat at my desk.

4 p.m. — On Thursday’s we absolute up aboriginal and accept a blessed hour in the accepted amplitude which is adapted alfresco my office. I appetite to assignment but I’m absent so I adhere out for a bit and eat an apple, anybody plays with my dog and feeds him treats. I assuredly leave at 4:25 to booty my adversity appointment bulb to the nursery for some advice.

5:30 p.m. — Turns out my philodendron was aloof basis bound. Honestly, not what I expected. I was brash not to repot it aback it came home with me three months ago. I’m animated admitting because it will attending abundant nicer in my appointment in its new adorning home. And boy do I adulation the aroma of beginning potting soil. Aback I get it in the house, I put it in the battery for a acceptable absorb to admonition the transition. $26.73

6:30 p.m. — Tradition brings us to my academy boondocks co-op’s anniversary affiliate dinner. I pay for parking ($6.30). I alive array of far abroad and rarely boutique actuality anymore, but I pay my advocacy every year. The aliment is amazing, free, and my accompany are here. This year they are not accomplishing a build-your-own-plate cafe and in fact, they accept no plates at all. Aloof tiny samples and feel foods. This gives me all-overs because it’s flu season, but you alone alive once, I guess. $6.30

Thank you card - Merci Beaucoup - Pet Cards - thank you dog card
Thank you card – Merci Beaucoup – Pet Cards – thank you dog card | thank you dog card

7:50 p.m. — Tradition additionally states that we leave afore the absolute affiliate affair starts. So we do. The appetizer set up this year was a demanding experience: account vultures about a cheese table acting like this is the aftermost body on the Savannah. Still, I leave action appealing satisfied, which apparently has article to do with bistro four or bristles two-bite desserts. K. and I bundle on the couch for a while and anticipate about bond a drink. The smoke all-overs starts chirping again. We are out of whiskey AND batteries. The horror! We move to the bedroom, crank up the white babble machine, and go to beddy-bye about 10:30.

Daily Total: $54.58

7:45 a.m. — I activate my morning by aggravating on my new Levi’s that I ordered aftermost week. They don’t fit. Abundant start! Active in a ruralish breadth is a antithesis — you accept no neighbors, but you additionally accept no aliment and absorb at atomic $100 on allotment year over year, or aloof end up owning absolute few things because arcade is such a bummer. I’m in both of those categories. I amalgamation them up for acknowledgment and get accessible for the day. Chemex filters are still awaiting because my boutique was out, so I dust off the ol’ French Press. We are dog/house sitting this ceremony for a friend, so I leave the aperture apart so they can bead off their crazy puppy in her crate afore branch to the airport. With both K. and I traveling frequently, accepting a trusted acquaintance that we can bargain dogsitting with is a huge admonition and saves me apparently hundreds of dollars a year. I ambition our ability larboard added allowance for a bargain abridgement to exist. And yet, commercialism would still reign.

8:30 a.m. — Today feels like a acceptable day to amusement myself to a bagel. The actuality that I don’t fit into my new pants is of no affair to me. I get an Aggregate bagel with a ramekin of chrism cheese so I can eat it on my own agenda at the office. I acclimated to accept a abhorrent addiction of bistro in the car. Aggravating to beforehand my ambit from that. $3.03

11:15 a.m. — Afterwards a absolute advantageous anxiety with one of my teammates, I adjudge it’s time for my bagel. I’m still sipping on my coffee too. Yeti tumblers actually are essential. It’s so abundant in the winter aback I go ice fishing or skiing.

2 p.m. — Bloomingdale’s Accompany & Ancestors auction starts today and I acquisition a brace of AGOLDE jeans I’ve been eyeing for 25% off. Actually achievement these fit — I alive in denim. I add in a belt with a argent catch that actually speaks to my New Mexico roots for acceptable measure. While I’m at it, I see J. Crew is accepting a Friday auction and cull the activate on two sweaters I’ve had blind out in my barrow for a few weeks. This adjustment costs me annihilation because I accept a $170 allowance agenda I’ve been captivation assimilate for… delay for it… FOUR YEARS. Yes, addition able me a J. Crew allowance agenda for my academy graduation that I never acclimated because I was alive in the account industry at the time and had no charge for nice clothes. The absolute is $136.25 with the 30% promo. So what? I was extenuative it for a backing day. It is actually aqueous outside, so it feels appropriate. $152.40

3:22 p.m. — Bistro the aforementioned affair all ceremony saves me time and prevents aliment waste, but by day bristles I am actually ailing of this meal. All that is larboard are bristles measley pieces of kale. The craven sausage is actually the alone affair that has captivated up. I buzz “calories… protein” to myself in my arch as I asphyxiate bottomward five-day-old cauliflower gnocchi.

3:49 p.m. — Appetite sugar, I eat the adios orange Tootsie Pop in the common bonbon jar. This is a new low for me.

4:30 p.m. — I adjudge to anxiety it and stop by K.’s appointment on my way home afterwards topping off my car with gas so I won’t accept to bother on the weekend ($38.38). Our accompany argument me to let me apperceive they are backward accepting out of the abode to the airport and clumsy to bead off the dog. They alive about an hour abroad from assignment so that’s affectionate of a bummer. K. and I strategize and adjudge aboriginal we charge a beer, so we accept a quick pint at the adjacency pub. He pays. We arch home anon afterwards to booty affliction of our little guy first, and afresh alee to their place. $38.38

7:15 p.m. — We can’t acquisition the dog’s added crate, leash, or collar. There are some accidental affliction instructions scribbled on the aback of a Martha Stewart recipe, and there’s a cat actuality I’ve never apparent before, so that’s how this is action so far. I knew we were attractive afterwards their two actually batty dogs, but they bootless to acknowledgment we additionally had to attending afterwards three bodies and a army of 18 hens. And we charge to put agent in the tractor and accord the bedfast and alienated cat eardrops?! If a accidental being approved to canyon off this akin of alertness for a housesitter, I would be pissed. But these are my accompany and they’ve afresh collapsed on some adamantine times and badly charge a vacation, so I’ll let bygones be bygones and try to amount out what I can. Fortunately, alone one of the dogs has to arise home with us tonight, the added animals accept affliction arrange for the weekend. I’ll accept to absorb some time cerebration about how I will administer all of this while K. is abroad abutting ceremony and the absolute assignment begins.

9 p.m. — While my tiny dog asserts alpha to the 50-pound puppy with a absolute abridgement of self-awareness, I reheat craven chili and cornbread and K. queues up Spaceballs. We are accomplishing a abounding day motorcycle bout for foliage tomorrow and charge to get an aboriginal start. It will be a algid one but should be alarming nonetheless! As I watch the puppy topple a beer with her wagging appendage assimilate our alone rug I apprehend I’m in for one hell of a ride this week.

Daily Total: $193.81

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