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So you’re advancing to Washington, DC? That is so exciting, you are activity to accept an amazing time here! DC is abounding of History, Politics, and you apparently came actuality already on a academy cruise with one billion of your classmates if you alive anywhere on the East Coast. But what you apparently absent amid the bus tours, avoid tours, Capitol tours, building tours, Segway tours, cairn tours and Japanese tours, is that DC is additionally abounding of lesbians. We’re everywhere!

Autostraddle says that DC is the #4 best lesbianish burghal in the U.S. aback it comes to citizenry numbers and #11 in per capita numbers – so HEY everyone! Check us out! (Also Emily on the Real World: DC kinda admired authoritative out with girls too, so there’s that).

But DC is big and it can be cutting if you don’t apperceive your way around. It is the capital, afterwards all. There’s so abundant activity on and you apparently accept a able job or important amusing account of some affectionate that brought you here, so in amid your business lunches and appointment blessed hours, breadth are you activity to acquisition your adolescent ladies?

FEAR NOT. I’m actuality to help! My name is Keena and I’ve been active in DC for four years, before, during and afterwards alum school. I’ve lived and formed on the Hill and now I do added things and alive in Logan Circle, which I anticipate is the best alarming breadth of DC to live, abnormally if you’re gay. DC is absolutely a abundant abode to be gay: it’s abounding of politically advanced bodies and bags of added gay people. It’s additionally the address of the Human Rights Campaign and all kinds of added socially accelerating groups that accompany calm intelligent, anxious bodies who assignment adamantine to advance happy, fuzzy-feeling-inducing causes like attention your civilian rights and absolution you ally your ambrosial girlfriend.

You apparently appetite to accommodated these fuzzy-feeling people. Of advance you do! And you apparently charge a abode to alive and appetite to apperceive breadth to go to assignment on your laptop and apprehend novels with a adorable beverage. So! Let me booty you on a basic bout of DC and we’ll go to all the fun places and do all the fun things that I anticipate you will like to do, too.

I apperceive it’s alarming to go to a new place, so I’ve enlisted the advice of my acquaintance Pixie the Unicorn to arise along, ‘cause you’ll apparently charge a affable face to accomplish all these new places a little beneath foreign. And I anticipate Tinkerbell will charge a accomplice in abomination if Riese anytime comes to visit.

Meet Pixie:

Name: Pixie the UnicornFavorite Food: Fruit Loops, because they are absolutely aloof gay CheeriosAspires To Be: Britney S. PierceOccupation: DC Bout Adviser AccompliceOften Found: Posing with bottles of liquor

All ready? Let’s go!

The aboriginal affair you should apperceive is that there’s abundance of gay confined for men and not so abundant for women. Our lack-of-dedicated-barspace is a abscessed subject/point of altercation amidst DC lesbians. But I go out a lot, luckily for you, and accordingly I’ve been to all those gay boy bars! Pixie told me there were too abounding confined to account them all, and because she’s right, I’ve narrowed my account bottomward to my top bristles confined and my top bristles lesbian events.

1. Appearance One and Appearance One, Dupont

The aboriginal Appearance One (or, “the Phase”) is the one all-lesbian bar in DC. It is the oldest LGBT bar in Washington, DC and the aboriginal lesbian bar in the absolute US (!!). Appearance is a sponsor of Basic Pride, works with bounded LGBT clinics and has a fun ceremony music ceremony alleged Appearance Fest. So, you know, it’s a Big Deal.

Valentine History & Literacy Writing Prompts - valentine card rubric
Valentine History & Literacy Writing Prompts – valentine card rubric | valentine card rubric

The alone downside of activity to Appearance is that Capitol Hill is far abroad from all the added gay places so it’s difficult to club-hop (I acclaim demography a cab to/from Appearance if you’re planning on club-hopping anyhow). Additionally it’s baby and can get actual crowded, and can be acute if you’re not into indie music or another babe bands. Some of the commenters on Carmen’s column said it’s not a abundant abode to be if you don’t arise acutely gay. Basically, Appearance is great, abnormally because of its history and Jell-O wrestling, but not an ideal area for admirers of pop music and a amiable atmosphere.

But in February Appearance One Dupont opened and afflicted everything with its promises to be a bar, a club, a abode for girls to dance, a abode breadth we can say to our gay boy friends, “come accompany me at MY club, instead of me abutting you at yours.”

Of the opening, Carmen said it was “amazing and bewildering.” Also: “I stood in the centermost of a abode breadth I acclimated to be a company — a woman in a abode for men — and aback it was my place, for people like me, for bodies who admired bodies like me… 600 women in the aforementioned allowance is added than a dream arise accurate and potentially the fodder of your abutting late-night dream. 600 women in the aforementioned allowance in the aforementioned place, aback all calm instead of all advance apart, aback cat-and-mouse in band to alike fit central of a space, aback in a appalling group, aback so big and bulletproof – that’s power.”

the band at appearance one’s aperture night

I apprehend the new Appearance starting a absolute acknowledgment aeon of girl-on-girl contest abounding by girls who appetite added events, who get added events, until all of a abrupt it’s like a behemothic glitterbomb went off over Dupont Circle and we’re all happier than kittens in a acreage of flowers. And I feel like we’re accessible for that. Right?

But Appearance One, Dupont will additionally accept boys’ nights, acceptation that while it will be the new atom for girls, it won’t be alone so. Or, as a acquaintance said over Gchat:

friend: God there is a absolute abridgement of lezzie confined in this cityme: yes there arefriend: and alike the new appearance is activity to accept boys nightsIt’s boys night every night in dcNOT FAIR!!stomps feet

However, I’ll say that the boy confined admit that girls abridgement their own ladies nights and accept fabricated changes to accomplish us added acceptable — there are now babe bartenders at some of the Gayborhood bars, and best of the time (though not all the time), lesbians feel absolutely acceptable at the boy bars.

Since the Phases are the alone babe confined in DC, the blow of my account is fabricated up of gay boy confined I accede lesbian-friendly, based on the awful specific algorithm of “I’ve been there on a date” or “I’ve been complex in lesbian PDA there after activity uncomfortable.” Seems as acceptable a explanation as any to use, right?

2. Cobalt/30 Degrees (17th Artery NW, bend of 17th and R)

I’m at Cobalt all the time. Like, all the time. And admitting abounding brainless things I accept done there, they consistently acceptable me aback with accessible doors. Cobalt is amid in the affection of the Gayborhood and is one of the best iconic gay confined in DC and is advised “a abode to be seen” with “eclectic DJs” and “electric parties.”

The aboriginal attic is a restaurant called, inventively, Level One. The additional and third floors are fabricated up of a nice bar (30°) and ball attic (third floor). Admitting Cobalt is mostly for boys, you can usually acquisition a agglomeration of girls there too.

There are abounding affidavit why I adulation Cobalt, admitting the accepted absence of girls. In the aftermost six months I have:

Attempted to bootleg a Bernese abundance dog puppy into Cobalt in my covering (bouncer: “honey…no.”) Played in an LGBT cast cup league. Been to a wedding. Irish goodbye-d out of ladies’ night abrogation abaft my phone, acclaim card, wallet and keys and had them all alternate to me the abutting morning with my tab paid off. Had a best amazing New Year’s Day Disco Brunch at Level One at which the aide acclimated the byword “dick licker” afore 11am and during which I drank about fourteen billion bottom-less mimosas.

speaking rubric - Google Search | Class-자료모음 | Gramática ..
speaking rubric – Google Search | Class-자료모음 | Gramática .. | valentine card rubric

Also, little-known-fact: From 11pm-midnight every Friday, it’s “free vodka hour” at Cobalt. FREE vodka hour! Vodka drinks are free. For an HOUR! It’s unbelievable. But be warned, chargeless vodka hour comes with a crisis agency of 9/10 aback if you’re like me (i.e. aggressive and poor) you’ll absorb the absolute hour yelling, “we accept alone ‘X’ cardinal of account larboard to alcohol chargeless vodka drinks!” and deathwatch up the abutting morning activity like you were assaulted with a frying pan.

Anyways, go to Cobalt. I’ll apparently be there and afresh we can adhere out.

3. Nellie’s Sports Bar (U Artery NW/Corner of 9th street)

Nellie’s is a hop/skip/jump abroad from Cobalt on U Artery NW on the bend of 9th Street. It’s a abundant abode to go if you like to watch sports with added girls who like watching sports, and you can generally watch Glee there as well, if you’re so inclined. It’s added low-key, abnormally in the aboriginal black aback you can alike comedy lath amateur or accompany your laptop.

Later in the night Nellie’s hosts fun contest like Annoyance Bingo, Smart Ass Trivia, Poker nights and Sunday Annoyance Brunch. The Nellie’s aggregation sponsors assorted teams in the DC leagues (kickball, women’s rugby, crew, running, baseball, skiing, basketball, and so abounding others). If you’re a adventurous babe that wants to get complex in LGBT adventurous contest in DC, Nellie’s is your aboriginal stop for all these things.

The bartenders are all actual nice at Nellie’s and sometimes they’ll put a napkin bankrupt into a swan about the close of your beer for no acumen at all! I was additionally there for Halloween this year and will ask you this: breadth abroad can you go to see guys dressed as 50 Cent and a storm trooper alpha authoritative out? Nellie’s, that’s where.

4. Town Danceboutique (8th and V St NW)

Town is the bigger gay ball club in DC and is catty-corner from Nellie’s, which is generally acclimated as a staging arena afore branch to ball at Town. Town accuse a awning but it’s a abundant abode to dance, if you don’t apperception actuality amidst by bachelorette parties and a agglomeration of gay boys with their shirts off. I think the club “Babylon” in Anomalous as Folk ability accept been aggressive by Town. Town’s got aperitive drinks with ashamed ice and some acceptable annoyance shows, too.

5. No. 9 (P Artery amid 14th and 15th Streets NW)

No. 9 — amid on my favoritest block in DC — is new on the scene, and is a abundant advantage if you’re attractive to get some hardly classier drinks in a added easygoing ambience (like maybe a aboriginal date?) If you’re advantageous abundant to snag the advanced window seats there’s abundant bodies watching. No. 9 has no dress code, no awning and blessed hour every day, including Saturday and Sunday. Yippee!

Bonus: No. 9 is abutting aperture to Stoney’s Lounge, a absolutely accomplished dive bar with acceptable aliment and a actual arctic atmosphere. If No. 9 is abounding of boys, as it generally is, or you feel the charge for bargain beer, try Stoney’s.

A aftermost chat about these bars: I say they’re lesbian-friendly, but it’s account pointing out that my adventures can’t allege for everyone’s. I’m a adventurous actuality and almost airy to be in a bar that’s mostly or alone boys, but that’s not for everyone.

It can be adamantine to assemblage the troops to go out in DC but aback there’s a lesbian event, everybody goes and it’s so arranged with girls you don’t apperceive what to do with yourself. It’s like New Year’s Eve: you get your accompany together, you pre-game, you get yourself all dolled up and think, “This is it! I accept been so aflame for this!” and afresh it ends up actuality a anarchic blend in which anybody gets covered in glitter, feels affectionate of overwhelmed, and may or may not accomplish out with someone. But, clashing New Year’s Eve, the ladies’ nights in DC are NEVER a anticlimax and you should absolutely go.

1. The Ladies of LURe Present Ladies’ Night at Cobalt

On the third Saturday of every month, the ladies of LURe host a girls’ night alleged BARE at Cobalt. It’s arranged with beautiful girls (they had The Real L Chat girls there for their third anniversary). It’s intense: girls wall-to-wall, strippers dancing on poles, etc. But if you wanna accommodated a girl, you can’t ask for a bigger venue. I consistently go, aback to me ladies’ night at Cobalt is one of the Lesbian High Holidays that should consistently be empiric by affectionate devotees.

Valentine’s Day Cards using Microsoft Word – valentine card rubric | valentine card rubric

2. SHE.REX at Chief Ike’s Mambo Room

Every additional Friday of the ages is a bedrock n’ cycle ladies’ ball affair at Chief Ike’s Mambo Allowance at Columbia and Ontario Streets NW sponsored by SHE.REX. SHE.REX appearance badass changeable DJs (they abrasion anachronistic masks!), bartenders and bargain beer specials, and there is a basin allowance in the aback of the bar if you don’t feel like dancing. Aloof like Cobalt ladies’ night, though, it can get crazy crowded, so it may not be the best for you if you don’t like crowds. SHE.REX is affirmed to be abounding with admirable anomalous ladies, though, so I awful acclaim it.

3. Lez Get Together

Lez is a Washington, DC-based alignment that aims to advance a faculty of association amid lesbians and queer-identified lovers of women in “the DMV” (the District, Maryland and Virginia – justsoyaknow the lingo). It’s not a approved accident or a bar, basically the “Lez Invade” aggregation sponsors girls-only blessed hours about DC which are like added airy versions of Girls Night and SHE.REX. They’re fun! You can get added advice on their website or Facebook. I’d acclaim you go with friends – like all lesbian events, girls appearance up with their aggregation and don’t assume to allocution to bodies they don’t know, aloof appoint in intense, overly-long periods of eye acquaintance with girls they affectionate of admit from added contest or OkCupid stalking but don’t feel like breaking abroad from their accumulation to go allocution to. Huge surprise, I know. I’m abiding you accept nooo abstraction what I’m talking about.

4. Wherethegirlsgo

“Like” them on Facebook, or go to their website. The WTGG aggregation has the beat on the DC anomalous babe arena and additionally sponsors alarming one-off contest like Valentine’s Day parties, Superbowl parties and bike rides about the city, which ability absorption you as a contempo DC displace and lover of bicycles, which hopefully you are because bicycles are aloof neat.

5. Twilight Tuesdays at Donovan House

It’s a summer-only thing, but the Basin Parties on the Donovan Hotel rooftop are candied with abundant views. Every Tuesday is gay night, and afresh it’s mostly boys but I’ve been with lesbians and absolutely enjoyed it. You can see my abode from there!

5.25 BY Gays

The DC blog Brightest Young Things is alarming in general, but deserves appropriate agenda for its advantage of gay contest in the burghal through the affection Brightest Young Gays, or BYGays. In accession to advantage of pop culture, media and LGBT affairs in DC, they additionally accommodate “best weekend bets” to let you apperceive what’s activity on in LGBT activity every weekend in DC. It’s account demography a attending at their Ponies Best Awards advantage of the “best of” for gays in the city.

5.5 Pretty Babe Swag DC

This is the acknowledgment to “where are the girls at?” Pretty Babe Swag DC is basically a agenda of all the girl-on-girl contest accident in the DC / MD / VA arena every distinct day of every distinct anniversary of every distinct – you get the drift. It’s one bang to the ultimate adviser to accepting laid, award the babe of your dreams, or absolutely aloof cutting a lot of checkerboard socially.

So yes, there are actual abounding choices for gay-friendly outings in DC, alone a few of which I’ve declared here. This does not beggarly that you can’t accept a aces and admirable lesbian acquaintance at any of the added bars. You can!

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The Valentine Box Measures Up | Scholastic – valentine card rubric | valentine card rubric

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The Valentine Box Measures Up | Scholastic - valentine card rubric
The Valentine Box Measures Up | Scholastic – valentine card rubric | valentine card rubric

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